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Plastic production for a sustainable future

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

A long tradition for quality and sustainability

We work with sustainability in many different shapes.
Below you can see some examples of the way we work with sustainability all based on “The UN Sustainable Development Goals”. You can click on the various goals to learn more.

We improve and work actively with the health and well-being of our employees to promote a good working environment. We offer all of our employees access to essential high-quality healthcare services.

We wish to connect educational institutions with the business world and have ongoing collaborations with local technical colleges. Through teaching, presentations and workshops, we convey our knowledge and experience about sustainability.

We develop products in which recycled materials can be included as whole or partial material, and create innovative and functional solutions that can be reused countless times and reused after the end of their service life. We commit ourselves annually to documenting and reporting on our work with social responsibility, and we educate our employees and stakeholders on sustainable development.

We are active in several networks and forums where we can use our professional knowledge and influence to strengthen the dialogue on sustainable practices, value creation and positive impact across industries and local communities. We are a member of the world’s largest initiative for responsible companies, The UN Global Compact.

Intelligent distribution systems

At Schoeller Plast, we are experts in developing intelligent distribution systems that optimize the company’s operations while reducing the carbon footprint. We do this with elaborate circular solutions that challenge the state of things and aim for new heights.

Circular Economy

At Schoeller Plast we are enthusiastic about circular economy. It is all about making a financial gain by reusing and recycling the resources, i.e. producing and using in a sustainable way. We take our responsibility and have a serious approach, and even though we alone cannot remove all plastics from the oceans, we can make a difference in the way we do business and thereby exploit our position as a plastic producing company to create new sustainable initiatives.

Material handling

Schoeller Plast is amongst the leading companies within development and production of injection moulded plastic products. Parallel with the production of our own products we offer contract work where we develop and manufacture products for other companies. We are experienced with many different products for a number of businesses and industries, and we can handle the entire process, making sure that your production is in safe hands.

Development for circular solutions

Schoeller Plast has the knowhow to assist you with the right solutions to your supply chain, whether it is some kind of food that is transported in cold storage or huge technical units.
Our family traditions enable us to transport the products throughout the entire chain from manufacturer to the end-user no matter what line of business.


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Read our new Communication on Progress report

Read our new Communication on Progress report

We are proud to announce that we have just released our first Communication on Progress (CoP) report to the UN Global Compact on our work on corporate social responsibility. At Schoeller Plast circular economy is part of our DNA, and we have worked for many years to...

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Transportation of Fresh Fish to All of Europe

Transportation of Fresh Fish to All of Europe

Do your company deliver fresh fish to businesses in Denmark – or perhaps all-around Europe? Then the CoolContainer is the perfect solution for safe and eco-friendly transportation.The food safety is first class Our innovative cooling box i.e. the CoolContainer can...

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The good taste of the cheese is developed during the ripening phase. Therefore the storage during the ripening phases an important element for any cheese production. Our sister company, Schoeller Allibert has for many years cooperated with some of the biggest cheese...

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About us

Experts within sustainable plastic production

SCHOELLER-PLAST-ENTERPRISE A/S is a member of the family group, the Schoeller Group with their headquarters situated in Germany. The group and the family have their roots back in the 1640’ies, when Philipp Dietrich Schoeller established the first of many Schoeller companies, when he started his own ironworks. After this the next generations of the Schoeller family entered other industries and were scattered around to several countries. In 1937 Alexander Max Schoeller broke away from the traditional ideas of business in the Schoeller family and started producing wooden boxes, and from this came the idea of establishing Schoeller Plast. The experiences within design and the production of wooden boxes slowly developed, and the possibilities of competitions transformed the wooden boxes into plastic boxes.

Customer recommendations

“We felt confident right from the beginning. Schoeller Plast has the precise understanding of our concept, and there is a fine and close dialogue between our design department and their development department– i.a. with proactive inputs from them to new products and initiatives”

Lars Brøndum Petersen, Retap

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