About Schoeller Plast

Experts within sustainable plastic production

We improve and work actively with the health and well-being of our employees to promote a good working environment. We offer all of our employees access to essential high-quality healthcare services.

We wish to connect educational institutions with the business world and have ongoing collaborations with local technical colleges. Through teaching, presentations and workshops, we convey our knowledge and experience about sustainability.

We develop products in which recycled materials can be included as whole or partial material, and create innovative and functional solutions that can be reused countless times and reused after the end of their service life. We commit ourselves annually to documenting and reporting on our work with social responsibility, and we educate our employees and stakeholders on sustainable development.

We are active in several networks and forums where we can use our professional knowledge and influence to strengthen the dialogue on sustainable practices, value creation and positive impact across industries and local communities. We are a member of the world’s largest initiative for responsible companies, The UN Global Compact.

The story about schoeller plast

With roots back to 1640

SCHOELLER-PLAST-ENTERPRISE A/S is a member of the family concern, the Schoeller Group with their headquarters situated in Germany. The concern and the family have their roots back in the 1640’ies, when Philipp Dietrich Schoeller established the first of many Schoeller companies, when he started his own ironworks. After this the next generations of the Schoeller family entered other industries and were scattered around to several countries. In 1937 Alexander Max Schoeller broke away from the traditional ideas of business in the Schoeller family and started producing wooden boxes, and from this came the idea of establishing Schoeller Plast. The experiences within design and the production of wooden boxes slowly developed, and the possibilities of competitions transformed the wooden boxes into plastic boxes.


What do we do today?

Modern and sustainable production

Today our business is concentrated on the production of plastic according to demand and wishes from our customers. We still sell our plastic boxes and pallets produced by our specialised technology and knowhow in more than 40 countries all over the world. We have changed our production range from boxes and pallets to many different plastic products. Today we have more than 50 years of experience within the plastic production, which has enabled us to create customised package and transport solutions. This has also contributed to a wide range of customers from different industries and businesses.

Our production

Modern production equipment

In order to help our customers with the best solution to their ideas, it is of great importance to us that we have the latest production equipment and high-tech production machinery. This means that we can call ourselves specialists in injection moulded plastics and furthermore we can quickly convert and change the production to fit in with your demands. Our technological and automated production plant enables us to produce many types and sizes of plastics weighing up to 9 kilos due to the fact that we work with a closing pressure up to 1250 tons.






1 kilo of recycled plastic will save 2 kilos of CO2!

Our values

Your leading supplier

We have an ambition to be the leading supplier on all the markets we serve. In order to make this possible, we bring focus on the quality of our products. High quality lies in the DNA of our production.

We have an environmental policy, which we follow very carefully to create better environmental conditions. This is why we on a large scale work with the fast growing phenomenon called circular economy.

Our partial aim is that Schoeller Plast shall be the leading company within the plastic industry working with circular economy. We have many years of experience in thinking circular economy into our many production solutions, and we also have major environmental focus in the daily work. Already in the 1980’ies we used the first mobile grinder, which made it possible to grind plastics at the customers’ premises and thus reduce the return freight and the CO2 emission at the transportation.

Development projects


We want to help develop your idea, and we want to be involved from the start – from the idea being conceived, to the development and the production itself. We have extensive experience and knowledge in the production and development of plastic items. We will do everything we can to bring your idea to fruition.

If you would like our help to bring one of your ideas to life, write to us in our development contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We want you to consider your product specifications the best you can with your wishes and requirements before contacting us. We would like to know more about the products requirements and service life, your expectations of quantity, colors and not least what it is used for.

Competencies for the future

Our greatest strengths


We help you from the idea stage all the way to a ready product.

Circular economy

We help create circular solutions that reduce environmental footprint.

Efficient production

We can produce almost all sizes of plastic units quickly and accurately in our modern production.

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