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We assist you from idea to the end product
Do you have an idea, which should be implemented and do you need a business partner who is an expert within plastic production? We will be your obvious partner.

We stand by your side all the way in your project

From idea to reality

At Schoeller Plast we can assist you in making your idea become a reality. No matter what stage of development (level) your idea has reached, we are prepared to assist you in making your product ready for production. We have the knowhow to help you on the right track and the staff as well as machines to carry your product through in the right material.

We stand by you all the way during the project, i.e. from the stage where your idea is drawn on paper until you actually stand with the final product. Besides we can also help you plan what happens to your product, when it is no longer in use. We can always come to you with our mobile grinder and grind all the used plastics, which we later will remelt into new products.


Positive cooperation is the key

We produce for retail, the pharmaceutical industry, warehouse and storage, as well as design and interior decorating and many more. Our great knowhow and many years’ of experience in producing the plastic products mean that today we are not limited to a few industries, but instead we can help and deliver to customers within many types of business.

One thing our customers have in common irrespective of business is that they all expect a high quality and make a point of the smallest emission of CO2, if it cannot be totally avoided. At Schoeller Plast we work hard to create good and long relations to our customers, and therefore we shall always do our best to live up to our customers’ expectations.

The next step

With our experience we can help you


We have lots of experience with assistance to others when it comes to development of their product. Throughout 50 years we have assisted a lot of companies and organisations in developing their ideas into a saleable product. As an example we have assisted Retap A/S in producing the lid for their famous, eco-friendly and recycling bottles for drinking water. Together with the professional organisation Plastic Change and a line of others we have also been a participant in producing the Oceanbox – a plastic box, which is made of old fishing nets collected from the sea.


Our skilled and innovative staff is willing to assist you with anything you might need during the process of the development, making it look exactly as you hope for. As an example we can create a 2- or 3D visualization of your product, enabling you to see how your product will look like, when it is completely finished. Our experienced development department is willing to give advice in choosing the right material, and with our intelligent production equipment we can assist in optimization of the material consumption exactly according to your requirements.

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