Schoeller Plast’s Mobile Grinder

Schoeller Plast’s Mobile Grinder

We come directly to your address and make sure that the worn-out plastic products are reused for new products.

Mobile Grinder

Modern Recycling Since 1985

We believe that sustainability is a vital part, when it comes to all processes in a modern company. This is why we for the past 50 years have worked with our mind set on circular economy. Our solutions aim at an eco-friendly production, and from the beginning we have thought about the life span of the product and the following recycling.

Specifically this means that we have invested in our own mobile grinder, which we since 1985 proudly has brought out to our customers to recycle their old plastic products.

The mobile grinder comes directly to our customers and grind the worn-out plastic products into granulate, which can then be used as raw material for new products and new solutions.

Sustainable Production

A sustainable Future

The possibility of driving a sustainable future to the customers´ sites to grind the worn-out products not only helps us making circular solutions where the material can be recycled, but it also contributes positively to the transport weight, which means that we have an adverse impact on the climate as little as possible.

The freight of the grinded material only demands approx. 1/5 of the capacity to the freight of for instance old beer crates that are not grinded. In this way we avoid extra pollution from the freight, when we grind the material directly at the customers’ address.


A Circular Transport Solution

When we first developed the classic plastic beer crate, which can still be seen in the supermarkets today, we already worked with the basis on a circular way of thinking.

The beer crate has been moulded in recycled plastic, i.e. it is already from the beginning made from a sustainable principle. Furthermore it serves for breweries all over Denmark for many years, before we come to our customers´sites with our mobile grinder and grind the box into plastic granulate again. After this process we transport the granulate back to our production, where we once again injection mould new beer crates from the old ones.

In this way we have created a circular transport solution, where worn-out plastic products are grinded for new plastic products.


10 tons Recycled Granulate

Our mobile grinder has been built on the platform of a semi-trailer so that it can easily be attached to a truck and transported directly to the customer. Here it can grind 1-2 tonnes of plastic products per hour and then fill the plastic granulates directly into 1 tons Big Bags.

Length (meter)

Width (meter)

Height (meter)

Total weight (tonnes)

Circular Solutions

A Sustainable Difference

With our mobile grinder we can make a big difference to our customers and also to the environment. We create a circular solution, where the customer does not have to think about anything but to use the transport solution.

We can do that because we deliver the solution directly to the door step, and when the product is worn-out, we come ourselves to the customer, where we grind the material and take it home again for a new production.

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