Our qualifications

We are experts in sustainable plastic production


We can assist you with everything from development, counselling, design, and production of your plastic product.

Our qualifications

Everything within sustainable plastic production

Schoeller Plast is amongst the leading companies within development and production of injection moulded plastics. Parallel with the production of our own products we can offer contract work, where we develop and produce products for other companies.







Sustainable plast production through 50 years

Our core value is plastic production. We can assist you with everything from development and counselling to designing your own plastic product. Based on our special length of service among our staff and the long history of the company, we usually say that we have more than 750 years’ of experience. This contributes to a technical high level of knowhow that is your guarantee for a high quality of your product, i.e. at the end all our customers will profit.

Our production plant and especially our technical skilled staff make it possible for us to be the leading company within development and production of injection moulded plastic products. We are watching the development within injection moulding carefully, and we invest continuously in new machines and robots to meet the latest development within the plastic business.


With quality in pride of place

At Schoeller Plast we do anything what we possibly can to secure the best quality, and our focus on quality is always in pride of place and often surpasses the quality demands and the EU legislation.

We are experts in assisting you when it comes to the best way of reaching the goal for your plastic project. We have the production conditions and the specialist to produce the exact product that you wish for.

This is why Schoeller Plast is your possibility for competent feedback and assistance when it comes to the best way of producing your product. When we assist you we want to reach the best quality but also to set the framework for the product to harm the environment as little as possible.

We have our own design and development department, and because our staff has great experience within development and production of plastic products, we are able to help you to develop your product as soon as you have the idea. Has your idea already seen the light, then let us help you with the best possible development of your product. We have many collaborators with whom we are in close dialogue and who share the same attitudes towards high quality and sustainability as we do.

We commit ourselves to present the best quality in the plastic industry. This is why we can deliver the best quality to our customers, since our staff endeavor to have the highest level of production.

Our quality department always makes sure that we live up to the quality demands as well as the EU legislation. In order to make sure that every product is perfect we make various tests that are adjusted to every single product, such as push over tests, drop tests, inclined inpack tests, and loading tests, which we conduct regularly so that the quality is first class.

High-technology development

Plastic products from 0.5 grams up to 9 kilos

Due to our high-technological, modern, and automated production plant we can almost produce anything in plastic. We do have more than 28 injection moulding machines and more than 1500 moulds at our disposal. These high technological machines help us in making products with a locking pressure up to 1250 tons with a weight from 0.5 grams up to 9 kilos. Injection moulding gives a big freedom of design and is therefore a perfect way to have series production of complicated plastic products.

Every single mould produced by Schoeller Plast is prepared in cooperation with each customer to get full satisfaction for the customer. We store all our moulds in a separate room, which is secured and locked. If the customer wants us to keep the mould for a longer period of time, this is also a possibility.

We have great focus on the environment, and therefore we work a lot with circular economy.
Circular economy is about thinking sustainability – both economically and environmentally. The way we try to improve the environment is by recycling plastic and using old plastic for the production of new products. Therefore Schoeller Plast offers to come to your place with our efficient mobile grinder and grind all the plastic you have in excess or ready for ejection so that it can be remelted and used for new products instead of thrown out or burnt.

Development projects

Do you have a development project?