The good taste of the cheese is developed during the ripening phase. Therefore the storage during the ripening phases an important element for any cheese production. Our sister company, Schoeller Allibert has for many years cooperated with some of the biggest cheese producers in Europe, and together they have developed smart ripening boxes for cheese, which we today also can deliver in Denmark.

The ripening box is food approved in Denmark and produced in a way that it looks the same both on the outside and the inside, i.e. the box is made to give the right ventilation to the cheese. This secures a healthy ripening phase for the cheese and that useful bacteria are not killed. Besides the box is designed so that the cheeses do not smash into each other, and at the same time the cheese is stucked so that it will not move around in the box.

With our ripening boxes one has the possibility to store up to 1700 kilos cheese per m2. The ripening box is made with a unique and secure stacking function, which helps storing the biggest quantity of cheese in the cooling aisle. The ripening box is light, hygienic, and cleaning-friendly. It is designed for use in a fully automatic system, which means that you can reduce the working and processing time, making your production more efficient.

We would like to help our customers as much as possible through the entire supply chain. Offering just this ripening box is not enough, and therefore we also offer our cheese ripening pallets. You can use these for stacking the ripening boxes and thereafter close them together. The pallets give you the possibility to turn 650 kilos cheese upside down at the same time, which is very important, because cheese must be turned regularly during the time at the ripening storeroom.

The pallets are just like the boxes made to secure perfect ventilation of the cheese in the storeroom. At the same time the pallets have a solid grip on the cheese, so that it does not move. Due to new and intelligent technology it is now possible to follow the pallets that carry the cheese. This makes it possible for you to trace where your pallets stand and how far they have come on their journey.

You can watch the video below to see more about the cheese system.

It is both possible to store the vacuum packed cheese and the raw cheese in our ripening boxes. Furthermore you can get boxes that fit exactly the type of cheese you have, whether it is ball shaped, bar shaped or circle shaped. Therefore the ripening box can be bought in many various shapes, and if you cannot find one that suits your purpose, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we shall find a solution together.

Our ripening boxes are just like all our other boxes made of recycled plastic material, which means that the box will be grinded, melted down and recycled for new plastic products, when the old one cannot be used anymore.

If you want to know more about the cheese system – or are curious to know about the other types of special solutions that we work with, please feel free to contact us today.