Measuring jug/Measuring spoon

Curl cup FC 8026

Curl cup

Size: Ø 42 mm

Dollies Schoeller Allibert

Outside dimensions (mm): Lenght: 600 Width :400

Stacking strength: 250 kg/dolly

Stocked in the following colours: Yellow, blue & orange/red

Can be stacked with: All Modulboxes and lids

Foldable large containers (FLC) Schoeller Allibert
Foldable small containers Schoeller Allibert
IBC containers/pallet containers & Big-Boxes

IBC containers and Big-Boxes from Schoeller Plast are foldable, hygienic and with Bag-in-Box.

Big-Boxes are perfect for industrial processes, storing and distribution and are suitable for automated processes. Big-Boxes have rounded edges and corners, and therefore they are easy to maintain and clean and at the same time this gives maximum protection of the goods. The Big-Boxes come in many sizes (1200×800, 1200×1000 and 1200×1200 mm) and in various designs – closed, perforated, with 4 feet and 2 or 3 sidepieces.

IBC containers / IBC Combo
IBC container/IBC Combo consists of 2 foldable pallet containers for storage and transport of liquids and chemicals within for instance the food industry and non-food products. The small Combo 65 has a volume of 250 l, and the big Combo 285 has a volume of 1000 l. They are both designed to meet very strict environmental and transport rules for the handling of fluids.

Intermediate bulk containers (IBC) Schoeller Allibert
Measuring jug
Measuring jug Fc 8027a (30 ml)

Measuring jug: 30 ml

Size: Ø 40/32 mm

Height: 40 mm

Remark: 2.5 ml interval