During spring 2019 we started selling our price nominated and eco-friendly capillary box HOMEFARM in the retail after having introduced the product in 2018 as a new sustainable alternative to the classic and well-known capillary box made of polystyrene. HOMEFARM’s sustainable capillary boxes have in the resent season gained much positive feedback and great demand from the consumers, and the product even received the nomination “News of the Year” at the CPH Garden Award 2019.
At the coming spring and summer season in 2020 we have adapted and improved HOMEFARM’s capillary boxes according to our vision about circular environmental solutions as well as our goal-oriented work for a greener future with recycled plastic.

At Schoeller Plast we take our responsibility to prevent undesirable handling of plastic, and we have as part of many sustainable initiatives drawn up a plan for the collection, grinding, washing, and recycling of the plastic in the most environmental way.

The resent strategy proposal from the Government “Strategy for circular economy” suggests promoting a more consistent collection of the household waste within the councils as a necessity in the work regarding increase of the recycling of plastics.

We have accepted this proposal, and as a completely new initiative we have started the production of the HOMEFARM capillary boxes in used household waste, which has been collected in several cities in Jutland through the consumers’ waste separation. With this new initiative we have made the production and the distribution of HOMEFARM even more sustainable than ever before.

Besides the new smart HOMEFARM logo that adorn the outside of the capillary box we have as a new initiative secured the construction more stability, since the bottom and the assembly holes for the wheels have been strengthened even more. Furthermore this will secure a longer durability of the product. When your HOMEFARM capillary box is no longer in use, it is fully recyclable and can be used as raw material in the production of new products.

HOMEFARM’s capillary boxes are produced in 100 per cent recycled plastic, and it uses considerably less amount of CO2 than the traditionally used polystyrene box.

Furthermore the emission of CO2 is reduced significantly during transportation of HOMEFARM capillary boxes compared to the classic capillary box of polystyrene, because the well thought out design makes it possible to transport approx. four times as many HOMEFARM boxes per pallet. The vision behind HOMEFARM is to reduce the CO2 emission according to UN’s WORLD GOALS about a responsible production and consumption, a bigger climate contribution and an improvement of life in the oceans.

In today’s Denmark we are lucky that there is great focus on the reduction of the amount of plastic waste. Too much plastic ends in the oceans, which has great consequences. However, if the material is used in the right way, plastic is actually very CO2 economical compared to other materials, and it can also be recycled over and over again. With HOMEFARM we want to contribute to the reduction of pollution that comes from the production of plastic and introduce a more green way of thinking by transforming used plastic into a new sustainable product, which can be melted down for reuse of the plastic material.

HOMEFARM can be bought at 85 selected retailers and during the coming season from spring 2020 it will be available in the leading nurseries and garden centers.