Since the first day we have focused on producing in a highly consistent quality, which is in accordance with each customer’s demand and expectations. We are now ready to take the next step up the quality ladder. We work determined to be ISO 9001- certified by 2020.

Throughout the years we have developed our own quality standards with our own quality system, which has worked very well. Actually it has worked so well that our colleagues within the crate business have borrowed it, and they are happy with it. However, now we are ready to bring our quality work one step further, which is why we find that the time is right to be approved for an ISO 9001 certificate. Our aim is to be ISO 9001 certified by 2020.

ISO 9001 is an international standard within Quality Management Systems (QMS). In order to receive an ISO 9001 certificate you must have an efficient quality management system, which meets the specific demands. Besides it is a requirement that the company has a good and consistent quality in the products. Therefore it is a must always to produce in a consistent quality. In order to be approved a certified impartial quality authority must validate the compliance with all the requirements for ISO 9001.

One of the most important requirements for this certificate is the company’s continuation to improve its QMS. It is not sufficient that the QMS is fine, when the certificate is handed over. One must after the receipt still strive to improve its QMS in order to keep the certificate in the future.

We have started with adjusting to the requirements to the ISO 9001 certificate, helping us to be approved and thus fulfil our aim to receive this certificate by 2020.

We look forward to present our certificate.