Our German sister company Schoeller Allibert has come up with new ideas and invented the perfect solution for a Big Box to orchards. It is called Big Box Maximus.


Schoeller Allibert has designed the Big Box, which is the perfect Big Box for sorting, transport and storage of big quantities apples and pears. Maximus is manufactured at the Schoeller Allibert plant in Beringen in Belgium, and we can now offer this container on the Danish market.

Maximus can contain up to 500 kilos of fruit, even though it is much lighter than other Big Boxes made of plastic on the market. It is optimized to secure lesser wasted space, and together with the rounded edges and the design of Maximus, it gives a bigger volume. This is why the Maximus can contain up to 35 kilos more fruit than other Big Boxes on the market.

One of the reasons why Maximus is the perfect Big Box for apples and pears is that it is designed with 4 grooves at the bottom, i.e. the fruits cannot roll about during transportation. This contributes to a better protection of the fruit, which gives a reduction of damages on the fruit of 50 per cent compared to other Big Boxes made of plastic.

When the fruits are picked and transported to the washing place and sorted, the Big Box Maximus contributes to a flexible process. Thanks to a contemplated handling system it can be used in an automated laundry. The Big Box has ventilated sides and bottom, which makes it easier for the water to run off. The Maximus dries fast, because it is designed with rounded and bevelled edges helping the water to run off the Big Box.

When the fruit has been washed and sorted the Big Box can once more be used for storage of the clean apples. It is designed in such a way that up to 4500 kilos can be stacked on top of the Big Box. This contributes to a perfect utilisation of the storage space in the cold store.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities regarding Big Box Maximus; we can always be contacted for a non-committal conversation.