The environment and food minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen visited Schoeller Plast to observe our work with circular economy and the possibilities of plast recycling into new and more eco-friendly products.

Schoeller Plast was one of the selected plast companies, which the environment and food minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen paid a visit today. Mr Ellemann-Jensen is on ”tour de plastic” in connection with the Government’s new action plan for plastic. At this visit the Minister gained an insight into the way we every weekday work with solutions, in which existing plastic material is recycled and used in the manufacturing of new plastic products.

Among other things we had the opportunity to present our latest environmental cooperation – the Oceanbox, where we aim at recycling the old fishing nets for new plastic packaging, and we also had the chance to show, how many other everyday products can be made from 100 per cent recycled plastic. For instance capillary boxes, which we normally see in polystyrene but are now made from 100 per cent recycled plastic.

Besides the Minister at his tour (with a fine turnout of reporters) had the possibility to see our range of production facilities, and he also had a good talk with the manager for sales- and development Mr Jan Bybjerg Pedersen, who stated:

“We are really pleased that Mr Jakob Ellemann-Jensen gives priority to us on his tour round a handful of Danish plastic manufacturers. To us this is an appreciation of our daily work with circular economy and recycling of plastics with which we can make a difference to the society, and we do hope that the Minister has brought some positive inspiration back home from his visit”.

The programme this morning ended with a press interview with the Minister taking place in the big production area at Schoeller Plast.

Photos from the Minister’s visit: