At Schoeller Plast we all know what a huge and complex climate challenge we as a society are facing at this moment. We also know that all challenges cannot be solved in the best way, if we work alone. The growing demand for a higher level of sustainability within the restaurant business requires that together we think of new eco-friendly solutions.
Therefore we are very proud to present our participation in the newly established project Global Goals in the Value Chain – a project, which based on UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals aims to develop new, green solutions for some of the biggest current challenges regarding sustainability, which the restaurant business is now facing. As a participant in this project we want to contribute to the investigation of our common challenges and also to contribute to the community by creating a greener future through sustainable solutions.
At Schoeller Plast we especially look at the circular restaurant business, which focus on how the restaurants continuously can improve the various ways of recycling their resources. Specifically we as a company must contribute to solutions to how the restaurant business in the most responsible environmental way can handle and reuse the plastic packaging.

Global Goals in the Value Chain has focus on developing the circular restaurant business together with our own ambition of a goal-oriented preparation of sustainable methods for a higher degree of recycling of plastic packaging. We can for example mention our work regarding measurement of quality and lifespan of the plastic products, which enables us to choose the kind of raw materials that are best suited for the relevant plastic product and secure the biggest possible degree of reuse.

REGA, Denmark’s Restaurants and Cafés, Global Compact Network and “Industriens Fond” have united, and they have introduced “Global Goals in the Value Chain” with the exact purpose to identify, test, and prepare many new market solutions for growth to the companies, who create the solutions. At the end the project will present a gallery of solutions consisting of new, thoroughly tested initiatives to launch new options for greener solutions with both big and small participants within the restaurant business.